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Fellame online shopping –
A name itself defines a word Fella & Me The idea was born in 2019 as a pure pursuit of love and passion for the clothes. As we are Software developers by profession we decided to launch our own eCommerce which caters to clothes for men, women’s and Kids. The inspiration to launch the Fellame eCommerce came from my Mom. As a child, I have grown watching her stitching clothes from there I was fascinated by the clothing industry.

The launch of Fellame is just a pure pursuit of happiness.

As of now, we have started with a few collections that are T-shirts, Jeans, Lycra Tousers & Shirts. All the collections are selected from the best fabric and qualified and tested by the expert. In the future, we will be introducing more collections for all the categories.
Keep buying & share your feedback contact@fellame.com Thank you for showing love & support.